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Coffee Offering list updated March 18, 2017
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Origin Type Availability
Blends Alaska Homestead blend (Dark roasted) Available
Alaska Black Wolf (Dark roasted) Available
Bigfoot Coffee (Dark roasted) Available
Barista Sunrise (Medium roasted) Available
Cape Chacon Blend (Medium roasted) Available
Deer Mountain Mist (Medium roasted) Available
Dude Mountain Trail coffee (Medium roasted) Available
Helm Bay Breakfest Blend (Medium roasted) Available
Killer Whale Coffee (Medium roasted) Available
Midnight Sun Espresso Blend (Medium roasted) Available
Alaska Sasquatch Coffee (Dark roasted) Available
Rainbird Blend (Medium roasted) Available
Revillagigedo Espresso (Medium roasted) Available
Sleeping Lady Espresso Decaffeinated              (Medium roasted) Available
Traitors Cove Espresso (Dark roasted) Available
Tongass Rainforest Espresso (Medium roasted) Available
Guard Islands Lighthouse 1904 Blend                         (Medium roasted) Available
Snappy Rockfish (Dark roasted) Available
Dancing Salmon (Medium roasted) Available
Ward Lake Breakfast Blend (Medium roasted) Available
Yeti Coffee (Dark roasted) Available
Bolivia Out of stock
Brazil Yellow Catual Natural Available
Royal Select Decaffeinated Available
Columbia Cosurca – Cauca – Excelso Available
Royal Select Decaffeinated Out of stock
Costa Rica  SHB EP Tarrazu Available
Ethiopian Harrar Longberry Gololcha Available
Washed Yirgacheffe Gr. 2 Available
Sidamo Available
El Salvador Out of stock
Guatemala  Nahuala Available
 Royal Select Decaffeinated
100% Maui Coffee Available
Honduran  Marcala Available
India Robusta Cherry Available
Java  East Java  Blawan Plantation Available
Mexico SHG EP Chiapas Arabica Coffee Available
Mexico Royal Select Decaffeinated Available
Nicaragua  Sabor de Segovia Available
Papua New Guinea Out of stock
Panama Boquete Maunier Estate Available
Rwanda Abakundakawa Available
Sulawesi Out of stock
Sumatra Takengon – GR 1 Available
Royal Select Decaffeinated  Available
Tanzania Out of stock
Uganda Out of stock


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